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Dandelion Days

March 28, 2008

Dandelion Days FabricI just had to share my latest fabric purchase with you. It is one of the most gorgeous fabrics I have seen and felt.

It is a collection from Camelot Cottons called Fern Hill’s Dandelion Days by Stephanie Brandenburg

There are so many ideas for its use, I best go and start cutting.


All About Pets Show

March 24, 2008

Well, it was a trip down to Toronto for me this past weekend. A friend and I made the trek to the All About Pets Show and I am ever glad we decided to be there shortly after they opened. It didn’t take long for it to fill up with people making it difficult to see all the booths.

Surprisingly there wasn’t very many artists as vendors. A lot of the space was taken up by large food companies and shops with copious amounts of toys.

It was still a fun trip and of course a walk through the breed group area is always fun. Imaging an area with about ten different fenced in playgrounds for dogs.

Maybe next year there will be a booth with dog quilts in it!

Family Time

March 20, 2008

Silly me, when I introduced myself I forgot to tell you about my favourite family members.

Well, there is my other half who is a very sweet and supportive guy, but would not stand still for a picture.

Then there is my more obedient family members. In front of the wood stove is one of their favourite places.

Family Time by the woodstove

There is Magnum, the Boxer, Ruckus, the Rotti mix, and Gizmo my 18 year old kitten.

I am sure you will see many more pictures of them, some even out of fabric!

Spring Time Tulips Table Runner

March 18, 2008

In my previous post I told you I was off to sew together a Spring Time Tulip Table Runner using my new fabrics. Well its finished! I am always impressed at the speed with which this table runner goes together, yet the results are stunning.

It seems to be right at home on the cherry coloured table. However when the food actually comes out the table runner will go up out of the way, for the first little while anyway.

Spring Time Tulip Table Runner

The Mail Has Arrived

March 12, 2008

I am so excited, I received my order of fabric today!

I ordered 10 different Hoffman Batik Marbles. It was like Christmas when I opened the box (even though I knew what was in it). I also purchased an assortment of Michael Miller Krystals (fat quarters) they are so pretty, I can’t wait to use them.

Hoffman Batiks Michael Miller Fabric

Of course I had the perfect project for the batiks. I have been wanting to make a new table runner for our kitchen and thought the Spring Time Tulips table runner would look perfect.

So I have picked my fabrics and I am off to sew.

Studio With a View

March 9, 2008

My studio is on the move! We are redecorating the old studio so I have temporarily relocated.

A nice large room with big windows, so there is plenty of sunshine and so close to the wood stove!


And I even have a couch in it. The couch? Well that is because my current home studio is actually our living room.

Surprisingly even with all the furniture rearranging I have still had time to sew and have just finished a new design to be released in the next couple of weeks.

The Threads Are Trimmed

March 4, 2008

Well the threads are trimmed and out website is up and running smoothly. I can honestly say I breathed a sigh of relief after the grand unveiling. However, I don’t want to spend too much time enjoying the calm because I have a number of new patterns on the go that I am sure you are going to love.

I would however like to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Pam Morrison and this is my blog. Buttonhole Quilt Design (or BQD for short) is a pattern design company that I started featuring, well, my designs. I am also the senior designer and president of the company.

I am proud to say that the company is 100% Canadian owned and operated. We are located in beautiful South Central Ontario, where I am sure any day now the snow will melt.

We are already working to bring you more on the BQD website. We will soon have a how-to area featuring various quilt related subjects, our picture gallery will be up shortly, and we are working on gathering information about upcoming Canadian Quilt Show so you will know where they are.

Please feel free to stay awhile and browse the site. Don’t forget to check back often as we are growing quickly. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. To sign up follow the links to the product catalog and create an account – make sure that the little box to join the newsletter is ticked off.