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April 29, 2008

With just a slight chill in the air it was the perfect weather to take the dogs on a hike to stretch their legs and explore some new territory. We took them to a spot on the Bruce Trail (a trail that runs along the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario. You can learn more about it on their website at near Collingwood. Some of the scenery was breathtaking and the wild plants were extraordinary. We saw this Trillium growing on the side of a rock and it was the most wonderful colour.


Cotton Spice Blog Entry

April 23, 2008

Under the direction of Cotton Spice a number of designers have gathered together to produce blocks to help raise awareness about breast cancer. The block I designed was posted today – Block 3. Have a look and if you wish to participate please do.

Cotton Spice Blog

Spring Has Sprung

April 22, 2008

Over the last couple of mornings I have been able to watch the daffodils grow. Its amazing how quickly they sprout once the weather warms up a little.

I like taking pictures of them to use for reference when I am designing and thought I would share some of them with you just in case you don’t have daffodils blooming where you are yet.

The Family Tree

April 15, 2008

I was recently contacted by a lady that does family research and family trees.

She asked if I had ever considered creating a family tree quilt. Ironically, just the day before I had come across the new Benartex Family Tree online.

Unable to find the fabric locally I loaded up the car and headed down to the Lens Mill Store in Cambridge. I have a feeling Lens Mill is an Ontario only thing. If you have been to a Lens Mill none of them compare to the one it Cambridge. The store is in an old warehouse and the entire basement is packed with fabric of all kinds. The cotton aisle is very impressive, you need to see it to appreciated it. Visit the website for more information about it.
So, I made it to the Lens and I was barely in the door before the cashier came onto the laud speaker that they would be closing in 10 minutes. I must say that is the quickest shopping trip I had ever done. One of the employees helped us find the Family Tree fabric, and I must say it is much more beautiful in person than it is online.

I was able to contact the lady back ( and let her know I found the fabric. She said that was wonderful as she had already been telling her clients about quilted family trees!

The Family Tree

Quilted Cards

April 10, 2008

At Buttonhole Quilt Design we are always looking for new and exciting ideas.

Recently we required a special card for a special occasion. Not wanting to have to go to a department store we decided to create our own.

We have designed and created a number of fabric cards including horses, flowers and butterflies and launched them on our website.  Follow the link to the product catalog and to Quilted Cards.

The line of cards is called Especially For You, because that is who they are created for.

Never Send a Man

April 9, 2008

We all know the old adage “never send a man to do a woman’s work”.

Intent on never having to scrub the stove again my other half decided to cover the entire stove top with tin foil.

Its true that we won’t have to worry about cleaning it, but I am not sure it is something that is going to catch on in a lot of households.

Two New Patterns

April 8, 2008

Well we have done it again.

We have just released two new patterns.

The patterns are available in the products catalog, but here is a sneak peak until you get there.

Strawberry Splendor Table Runner is a paper pieced design with applique embelishments.

Strawberry Splendor Pattern

Rainy Days is made with a modified log cabin and the raindrops are applique.

Rainy Days

The patterns are available in the products catalog, but here is a sneak peak until you get there.