A Trip To The City

What an enjoyable way to spend a warm June day. On Friday I took a day trip to Kitchener/Waterloo
with two destinations in mind. One was The Grand National Quilt Show, being held at the Kitchener
Waterloo Art Gallery and the other was to my favourite fabric shop to load up on the fabric I needed for
my next three projects.

The theme for The Grand National this year was Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. There was some really
interesting takes on the theme and some of the stories to go with the quilts were amazing. There was
about 30 quilts on display, a large number of them relating to family and the passage of time. One of my favourite quilts on display was one with daisies and rain drops.  The picture isn’t the best, the quilt looked much nicer in person.

Water By Catherina Breedyk Law of Perth Ontario

After wandering through the gallery it was off to the fabric store, one of my favourite places on earth!

Who wouldn’t be happy surrounded by bolts and bolts of fabric. I must have spent about 2 hours
wondering up and down the aisle looking for the perfect fabrics. It was difficult searching for 3 different
projects at one time, but the trip to the city are few and far between so you must make the best of them.
Here is a look at the small amount I picked up:

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