What A Find

A trip yesterday to an auction house and a ride home with about 7 quilts in my trunk.

It was an estate sale and there was a number of quilts up for auction. The original bid was for $5 each, can you believe that?! They were hand quilted. The lady that bid only wanted two of them so up the rest went. No more bids came in for a sale of each quilt so the auctioneer lumped them together and started again. Horrified that nobody was bidding on these old hand made quilts, my hand accidentally shot up. Well apparently nobody else felt as I did because I ended up walking away with the whole lot.

Some are pretty neat and still in reasonable shape too. One of them is basically a whole cloth quilt. It has a white background and white stitching. The creator has stitched people portraits, animals, birds and all sorts of other neat things into blocks.

Some others are pieced into squares, there is another smaller quilt which has an octagon pattern to it and has similar stitching designs on it, only they are stitched in colour.

There is one with multi-coloured stars on it. Most likely made from scraps or old clothing.

I must say they were a wonderful find.  I am not really sure what I will do with them yet, maybe I will do some research on the creator.

Do you have any great quilt finds from auctions or somewhere else?

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One Comment on “What A Find”

  1. pennyquilts Says:

    Hi Pam – great auction find! DH and I go to auctions as well, I recently picked up some vintage/orphan six star quilt blocks – I’ve written about it at my blog at http://www.quiltsonthehill.com – Penny from CQOL

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