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3 Days of Travelling!

October 24, 2008

Wow, what a busy couple of days this past weekend was!  But it was so much fun.  My mom and I took a road trip – ok two road trips to two different places.

We made a trip down to Toronto – right underneath the CN tower to be exact.

There was even a giant woodpecker there, I guess they grow larger in the city 🙂  Ok, its a fake one, but a neat one.

The reason we were underneath the CN Tower is because the Creativfestival was being held at the International Center.  What an amazing show that is!  We were there for 6 hours and we barely made it through all the booths.  And that was even skipping over booths with scrapbooking and only looking at the quilting and yarn booths!  It was a lot of fun, and I got too meet a lot of people too.  I even, although I tried so hard not too, came home with a few new fabrics…

I don’t have any pictures of inside the show as cameras were not allowed in there…However if you would like more information about the show thier website is:

The other place we travelled to was to Ailsa Craig.  Cotton-by-Post quilt shop has a wonderful exhibit about the quilts of East Africa.  The show was just amazing! The stores website is and they have some information about the African exhibit as well as pictures from the exhibit they held last year about Quilts from Russia.

My mom and I attended an African Beading workshop being held in conjunction with the quilt show.  It was fabulous!  The technique that the teacher, Charu, showed us was very unique and a little challenging at first, but very enjoyable.  My mom and I even picked up all the required supplies so we could keep practicing – I am hoping to have some time this weekend to do some more of it – I hope I remember how!

Charu was very generous and allowed me to take some photos of the samples she brough to show us and post them here for your to see.  She had three different samples that she had done as well as a booklet with photos of the African Tribe where the pieces are still worn today.  She learned how to do the beading in February and she says it only takes her about a day to do some of these pieces!  Amazing.

Individual picture of the green piece

Photo of the blue and yellow piece with shells attached

This is one for a baby

Here is mom working on her beading project.

I will keep you updated on the progress of my own project and post pictures for you to see.

Did any of you make it to the show?


The Carousel Horse

October 21, 2008

Hi All,

I just wanted to introduce you to one of our newest additions to our pattern line.

A wonderful carousel horse panel.  It is actually so new that the pattern won’t show up on our website until later this weekend.

Until then here is a sneak peak.

Thanksgiving in Kitchener

October 13, 2008

Well I did say I would keep you all more up to date so here I am again.

Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend and I have been filling up on pumpkin pie and whipped cream Yum!  Oh and yesterday at our first dinner there was this wonderful cake that was made by scooping out the guts of a large baked brownie, whipping together peanut butter, whipped cream and vanilla pudding, adding the guts you scooped out and than putting it all back into the shell.  Boy it was good!

Today in Kitchener was the large Oktoberfest parade and the majority of the household made their way out to watch.

This balloon was so tall they had to pull it down to go under the hydro lines

The Canadian Cowgirls were there too

I thought this was a neat float too.

This certainly isn’t nearly all of the floats, just some of my favourites.  I hope all you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Where Have I Been…

October 12, 2008

Wow, has it really been that long since I posted?!  Things have been pretty busy around here and I have all these things that I want to write about and have even been taking pictures as I go, however finding the time to sit and type them up is a little harder to do.

After waking up at 5:30 this morning with the house ever so quiet I silently walked over the to computer and turned it on.  It was even to early for the dogs to say ‘good morning’. But I am here now and ready to catch you up on what has been going on in the last little while that has kept me away from my blog.

Well, first of all our firewood arrived so we had to get that stacked before it killed the lawn where it had been dumped.  In total we have about 9 full cords of wood…it seemed like a lot more while we were stacking it.  We stack it up along the fence to allow the wind to blow on it and through it.  It certainly gives the yard a nice cozy look to it.

A small portion of firewood
A small portion of firewood

It is a good thing we got the wood too, we have already had to have our first fire for this fall/ winter season.  It was a chilly one that day.  Even the dogs were cold and they huddled on their bed in front of the wood stove after we got the fire going.

I have also been working on another portrait of one of the museums in Owen Sound.  Previously I have made up a panel of the Owen Sound Marine and Rail Museum, which I took in to show the ladies at the museum.  They were very impressed and asked if they could carry the patterns and they also asked if I would be able to do up a pattern of the other museum in town – the Billy Bishop Home and Museum.  Of course I said I would give it a try and here is the result:

Billy Bishop House and Museum

Billy Bishop House and Museum

The ladies at the museum were very happy with it and are now carrying the patterns for the two museums.

Now as Ihave been typing the sun has slowely started to rise…

The sun has started to rise

The sun has started to rise

I have also been working on hard to create some more quilted dogs for the paper pieced pooches series.  Now I don’t have the patterns completely finished for these yet, but they shouldn’t be too much longer.

There is a paper pieced Shih Tzu:

A Quilted Bichon Frise:

A quilted Cock-A-Poo

And we now have a pattern for a quilted cat too!

A paper pieced Siamese

On top of all of this I am organizing an event called ‘Just Around The Corner’  an event to promote and encourage shopping locally.  There will be a number of vendors items including, fresh maple syrup, iron work, jewelery, honey, pottery, photographs and so much more!
The event will be the weekend of November 15 so if you will be in Ontario in the Grey/ Bruce area please feel free to stop by!

However as busy as it is keeping me I am enjoying every minute of it…ok well maybe not every single minute, but most of them!

Now its off to family Thanksgiving meals and I promise to try and update you all on my activities again soon.