Thanksgiving in Kitchener

Well I did say I would keep you all more up to date so here I am again.

Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend and I have been filling up on pumpkin pie and whipped cream Yum!  Oh and yesterday at our first dinner there was this wonderful cake that was made by scooping out the guts of a large baked brownie, whipping together peanut butter, whipped cream and vanilla pudding, adding the guts you scooped out and than putting it all back into the shell.  Boy it was good!

Today in Kitchener was the large Oktoberfest parade and the majority of the household made their way out to watch.

This balloon was so tall they had to pull it down to go under the hydro lines

The Canadian Cowgirls were there too

I thought this was a neat float too.

This certainly isn’t nearly all of the floats, just some of my favourites.  I hope all you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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One Comment on “Thanksgiving in Kitchener”

  1. Peggi Says:

    I felt my blood sugar rising just reading the description of that cake! And of course, DH said “Yum!” LOL I had to be content with his homemade pumpkin pecan pie, made without sugar, with lowfat whipped cream. 🙂

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