Tsk, Tsk

Well I do apologize for my tardiness with this post. There just never seems to be enough time in the day…

Well lets see now, what has been happening around here…

Well our laying hens are doing great, 6 eggs from them yesterday! That is a lot of eggs 🙂 They still aren’t what I would call cuddly, but they are pretty neat, and they love snow! Who know chickens liked snow. When walk into their enclosure they swarm around you and peck the snow right off your boots. It feels a little funny the first couple of times, but after that you hardly notice, just watch you don’t step on any of their little feets.
Before Christmas I was rushing to finish the two quilts which are shown in a previous post – the fellow that bought them was very happy with the way they turned out.
I also had a Christmas present for my mom that I was working it. She wanted a new duffel bag to replace her old worn out one so thats what she was getting. Obviously I couldn’t post any pictures before she opened it up or else it would have spoiled the surprise. I used the lilac print designed by Stephanie for Camelot Cottons and batiks for the accents. I almost didn’t want to give it away, it was so pretty.


I have also recently been spending some more time creating some more puppy portraits out of paper piecing.  The patterns aren’t available quite  yet, but soon.  There is  a Husky, Jack Russel and Cock-a-poo all on the way!

I believe that is most of the activity around here!

Until next time,

Happy Quilting!

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