Change of Pace

What a wonderful weekend.  A surprise trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Ok, not a complete surprise as I knew where we were going, but a surprise as I was only told Thursday evening 🙂

It has been a long time since I was in Niagara Falls last – I guess sometimes you just need to check that the water is still falling! – No worries it still was.


Horseshoe Falls, the Canadian Falls


US falls

Even though the US falls aren’t in a nifty horseshoe shape, they are still pretty impressive.  Look at all that water!

It was amazing to see all the ice on everything.  3-4 inches on most solid surfaces close enough to receive spray from the falls.  This is the building right beside the falls which receives a lot of spray, you can see the all the ice all over it.


The trees nearby also took quite a beating…can you see the people waving back from the Skylon Tower 😉


With all the ice everywhere, hopefully you know where you are going and don’t need to rely on street signs – as you can’t really see them.


They say that at the rate the water goes over the falls it is eroding inches per year and if 100% of the water was allowed to go over it would erode at about 3-5 feet per year!

So where it is now isn’t where it will be in a few years.


When I was visiting a number of years ago I don’t remember seeing this old boat above the falls (a couple 100 feet back from the edge).

Apparently it lodge here in 1918.  It was carring rock and broke free from a tug boat and started heading towards the falls.  When the men on board saw what was coming they dumped the load of rocks and lodged the boat were it is seen today.


We made a stop into the Hersey store while we were in town – it wasn’t what I expected, I had hoped they would have some of the chocolates being made or something, but no luck.

Basically it was a place to buy the chocolate, but instead of having only a small selection of the chocolates they had pretty much the whole line.

The thing that surprised me was that they had sweatshirts and t-shirts and all sorts of items you could buy that had the Hersey name all over it.  Should they be paying us to promote their product by wearing clothes with their name on it instead of the other way?

I don’t want to be near by if this giant kiss ever decides to “melt”.



All in all it was a fantastic weekend and a great chance to get away for a while and relax.  Now we have to deal with the aftermath at the house (you know what I mean coming home and just emptying the car into the hallways).  Plus I’m not sure how it happens, but dog hair still showed up even though they weren’t here over the weekend!  Where does it come from!

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One Comment on “Change of Pace”

  1. Peggi Says:

    You should have waved as you flew buy 😉 Mind you, you wouldn’t have seen us under all that snow.

    I love that high-tech candle device, by the way. Where can I get one of those?????

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