At long last we finally have some sunshine shining in the windows! The last little while we have been having a lot of dreary overcast days and snow. Today however there is sunshine! For now anyways 🙂


You know, they say that if the weather never changed it would be a very quiet world as no one would have anything to talk about…Its true too, if you listen most people talk about the weather.

Speaking of truthful things – eggs really can freeze! We have always been told this, but have been good at bringing our eggs in without a problem. Last night one of the eggs got missed and this morning when I went out to see the ladies sure enough there was a frozen egg. I probably wouldn’t have noticed except it had split and there was some frozen egg white oozing out…learn something new everyday I guess! – Sorry no picture of this, but use your imagination and I am sure you can come up with something gross enough.

Yesterday I finished up a quilted project that I have been working on…shhh don’t tell anyone though as it is in combination with something else I am working on! I will tell you what it is once I find out for sure how it will work.

For now you can see what I made. Using my pet portrait patterns I made a neat little handbag…

Side 1


Side 2


I should go as  I hear the sewing machine calling…

ok, not literally as that would be kinda weird!

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