Paper work…

Yesterday I spent the day on the paper work side of designing.  That is the part where you take the design and create the actual pattern for people to use.  It is time consuming, but well worth it in the end.  Unfortunatly it doesn’t make for very exciting pictures 🙂

At the end of the day we put together some falafels to have for dinner…yummy!

They are one of the few items that I love that are deep fried.  In general I prefer baked, but I still haven’t found out how to make baked falafals.


If you don’t know, they are made mostly of ground up chickpeas, we do it the old fashion way and actually soak the chickpeas and don’t use the canned ones 🙂


They are really good if you put them into a pita shell with some lettuce and cheese and other salad toppings!

My mouth is watering just talking about them…I wonder what they would be like for mid morning snack… 🙂

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