Gift and Table Ware Show – Toronto

It was down to the big city for us yesterday – Toronto.

We headed down to the Canadian Gift and Tableware show to see what was new.  It was pretty overwhelming the amount of vendors that where present, I can’t tell you exactly how many vendors were there, but there must have been at least 200.

My main reason to go was as a scout for my mom.  She owns Tasty Treats & Treasures in Clinton, Ontario.  Originally her and I were supposed to go, but at the last  minute she was unable to, so we went without her 🙂

I still have to sit down and go through all the information we gathered, as it was a very overwhelming experience.  There was no cameras permitted – not a surprise as some of these items aren’t even in retail stores yet- so  I have no pictures, but once I get an idea of some of the new products I will let you know.

There was a huge focus on green and eco products.  In some of the booths the vendors didn’t seem to know or care to know anymore than that the item was a “green” product, which in my opinion has become more of a marketing term than an actual characteristic of the product.   Of course there was also the ec0-products that when you looked at them more closely they weren’t as environmentally friendly as they originally seemed to be.  Ok, the product itself is made from a renewable resource, great, the items can be recycled when you are done with it, great, but what about that plastic that surrounds the product to keep it safe and clean on the shelf?  In a lot of cases the plastic is recyclable, but not always depending on where you are located, plus it uses up energy and fuel to convert that plastic into something else…so why use the plastic at all?

We also noticed the all too common practice of people interchanging compostable and biodegradable.  A compostible item is something that will degrade it sent to a composting station – it won’t do to well in your backyard compost.  And a biodegradable item is one that will actually breakdown in a landfill.  Just s0mething else to watch out for in the new eco-friendly world 🙂

And yes there was some great products, eco friendly and not.

I was surprised at the number of candles available that were none paraffin.  Everyone knows about the dangers of burning parafin and it looks as if the manufacturers are listening.  There was soy wax, beeswax (my personal favourite), palm wax and mixed vegetable waxes – I think the one man said he uses a combination of palm and coconut oil…

All in all it was a great experience and a real eye opener as to what your local retail store owner goes through to bring you the best of the best.

Happy Sewing!

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3 Comments on “Gift and Table Ware Show – Toronto”

  1. Soy Candles Says:

    If only more people knew that parafin candles can be dangerous to your lungs and house.

    • buttonholequiltdesign Says:

      There does seem to be an element of education involved when producing and selling alternative candles – beeswax, soy and any others. There was one fellow there, with Cheeky Bee candles who was a big believer in educating your customers and helping them choose the right candle. He had some really good information and points.

  2. Soy Candles Says:

    My biggest problem with parrafin was finding out the wax was made from diesel. Diesel trucks are enough to gag someone in the fresh air. Just imagine the effects in a confined space.

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