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Well, I Did It!

February 28, 2009

I went for a drive yesterday, through the blizzard…
And when I came home I had a new-to-me Singer CE-200 embroidery machine! Yahoo.  I finally took the plunge and decided to buy it.


The lady I purchased the machine from also sent along a bunch of thread and stabilizer so I could start to “play” right away.


So, of course I did.  I imported my Ballet Dreams applique pattern and started to stitch…well the machine did the stitching, I just watched 🙂


All was going well…key word *was*.  Embroidery apparently uses much more thread than quilting..I underestimated how much I would need so part way through the pattern I ran out! oh no!  Of course being in the country you can’t just run to the store to get more…so now I wait…with a half finished project in the hoop…


I will let you know when I get more thread and can finish my design!

Happy Quilting!


Funny Tag Line

February 27, 2009

Okay we have all seen the different tag lines people put in their e-mail, and a lot of the ones I have seen recently include a line about not printing the e-mail to save trees…which I think is great. However when I saw this one I had to laugh…
“No trees were killed in the making of this email…however, a large number of electrons were horribly inconvenienced.”  🙂

Now, silly me, I just realized while getting some information together for my distributor QuiltCraft that I was missing a couple of designs from my store catalog!  Sheesh.  Some of them I even had ready to go before Christmas.  I guess *maybe* I occasionally take on too many things at one time…naw 😉

I have listed them on there now.  There is three new dogs from my Paper Pieced Pooches series including a Cock-A-Poo, a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise.  Plus there is an applique carousel horse and a winter table runner…okay we are all probably sick of winter by now, but its aways good to get a head start on next winters projects…right?

bichon carouselheadsup

shihtzu cockapoositting

Happy Quilting!

So Thats What You Can Do…

February 26, 2009

Ever wonder what you can do with those old bridesmaid dresses? You know, the ones that look good when surrounded by other dresses the same colour, but not when they are the only one? I found this really neat site of a lady who makes quilts from the wedding and bridesmaid dresses…what a great way to remember the day!

Happy Sewing!

I Went to See A Lady…

February 24, 2009

I took a road trip yesterday to see a lady about an embroidery machine. I have been thinking about getting one for awhile now and have seen so many things that it would work with, yet haven’t actually bought one. The one I went to test drive was a Singer Futura CE 200. Like most things there is some good reviews online and some not so good reviews…I guess after a while you need to make a decision. One of my favorite quotes I heard was ‘Paralysis by Over analysis’, sometimes I believe I suffer from this 🙂 and procrastination…Although it might be more a case of choosing one of the projects in my head and creating it out of fabric…there is always so many I want to do, but don’t seem to be able to do all of them at one time…although I do try 🙂
Anyway, back to the embroidery machine, I brought the book home last night to review and now just need to make a final decision…I will let you know what I decide!
Until then Happy Sewing.

Where Did the Week Go?

February 20, 2009

I think I blew it…

My personal goal of adding an update here at least every other day seems to have gotten buried under the snow.  But, no fear, I have brushed the snow off and am ready to give it another try.
I don’t even know where the time went this past week, can you believe it is Friday?  Goodness me.

Well to sum up the last week:

Gracie, my one foster kitty, got adopted on Sunday.  I received an update on her earlier this week and she seems to be settling into her new home wonderfully!
Ella is here and although I think she misses her sister she has become quite the social butterfly.  I can’t hardly seem to go anywhere in the house without her under my feet.

In the sewing department I am working on some spring and summer table runners to help me forget about the snow that is piling up outside my door…again.  There is also about 5 projects floating around in my head that I would like to try soon.  The one, just might involve 3-D monkeys 🙂

I have been working on a number of beeswax candles too, but I’m not happy about the way they have turned out so decided I am going to melt them all down and try again, changing some of my procedures.  Thats the neat thing about wax, no seam ripping involved.

Well, that pretty much sums it up…it doesn’t sound like much, but its amazing how long things really do take. Oh and I received this quilting poem by e-mail and wanted to share it with you.


I’m But A Quilter

I’m but a Quilter
A user of needle and thread
I create designs of color
To lay upon your bed
I know of strips and borders
Of angles, points and stars
Although I make no money
It keeps me out of bars.

I spend my husband’s money
On fabric and supplies
He once thought it was funny
But now he only cries
My stash it just keeps growing
All the colors I must own
My credit card I’m owing
I think I need a loan.

My quilts and table runners
Wall hangings and the rest
Are stored in all the closets
So they always look their best

I bring them out for show and tell
Then put them back just so
I would like to keep this going
But shopping I must go
For I’m just a quilter
And hooked I will always be
As I just live for fabric

And fabric lives for me.
submitted to Fons & Porter by Kay Oyler
written by her husband Roger

So Cute…

February 13, 2009

Ok, I just had to share this with you. My one foster kitty, Gracie, seems to have taken a real liking to my Boxer Magnum. Last night I found them curled up together on Magnum’s bed…

Step One

February 9, 2009

Well I told you I was up to something! I have just sent a book proposal in for review. I currently can’t tell you any more than this as part of the agreement. Put I will let you know more when I can.