So, where does that hour go?

I don’t really understand daylight savings time…why do we move the clocks ahead at the beginning of the year and back at the end? It just seems sort of strange to me…especially, since I just heard yesterday that not all of the Canadian provinces do it. Did you know that Saskatchewan doesn’t observe the time change? Not to complain, but I think it takes most people about a week to get back into a regular schedule again…
Oh well, I guess its just one of those things we do, but don’t really know why…
Speaking of things I don’t understand, how come it seems once you find a type of apple that you really like to grocery store discontinues it? I don’t know if you suffer from this or not, but it seems I will find an apple that I really like and then when I go to get more they don’t have it! They all seem to have the standard apples, Macs, Empires and those Golden Delicious, but those don’t really tend to do it for me…Oh well I guess the search continues.

Well I think I will be doing some pattern testing today as I have a few designs in mind!

Happy Quilting!

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2 Comments on “So, where does that hour go?”

  1. Diane F Says:

    I don’t know about the hour thing, but I do know my apples. Not all apples have the shelf life that the standard ones carried in the grocery store. So when you are finding and apple that you like, most likely in the fall, it is because of the apple harvest. Certain varieties sell out faster than others, take Honeycrisp for instance, while they do have a longer shelf life, comsumers just love these apples and just buy the supply up. So remember the variety that you loved and check back in the fall. The link to the orchard I work at in the fall is there is a page there that tells you when the varieties are in season.

    • buttonholequiltdesign Says:

      Hi Diane,
      Thanks for sharing that information…it does make sense that apples are more readily available when they are in season…
      Its still disappointing though…maybe I need to get some cold storage and stock up šŸ™‚

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