Sewing, Water and Candles…

Wow, what a busy couple of days!

I have been working with my embroidery machine that I told you about…and well the last two days actually working on it…I’ve been having some trouble with the bobbin case jumping out under the needle…ya, thats bad 🙂 However after doing some research it turns out that this model is prone to do this and so Singer has a new bobbin part you can install to help keep it in place. Now, if only I can find that piece around here…I’ve modified the current case and it seems to be working ok so far, but I would like to get the new one soon.

We have also had some company for the last couple of days, so yesterday since it was beautiful weather we took a road trip to Owen Sound. We took the dogs (and our company) for a walk up at Inglis Falls. If you have never been, its spectacular! It was really neat this weekend as a lot of the ice was still on the rocks and trees from the spray. At the bottom of the falls there was almost an ice bridge that the water was going under.


There is a bridge that goes across the top of the falls that offers a pretty amazing view too…looking at this picture its almost as if you are only seconds from going over the edge…


Speaking of going over the falls, I heard last week that a man went over the horseshoe falls in Niagara Falls.  Media reports say he jumped in voluntarily, and they speculate he was trying to commit suicide.  Wow.  Reports say he will be fine, although I do hope if it was a suicide attempt they do more than just treat the physical wounds…although he did plunge into publicity too didn’t he 😉

On the candle front things are progressing nicely.  I was experimenting creating some beeswax dinner candles and was happily surprised with the results…they look fantastic as they burn and the was drips down the side.  Also made this cute candle mat for under it…ok, so it might not look so great once the wax melts all over it…or maybe it will!


Well I have the embroidery machine queued up and wax melting on the stove so I should get at it…plus I don’t want to miss out on a chance to go for  a walk today as it is another lovely day!

Happy Quilting!

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One Comment on “Sewing, Water and Candles…”

  1. Peggi Says:

    If you don’t happen to have a Singer store nearby, there is one not far from me – you may be able to order the part from them and they could ship it, or I could send it to you. 🙂

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