Always So Much Going On…

We picked up some plastic fencing to give the chickens more room to roam and eat grass.  I figured if we put them were we would be digging up the garden they could eat up the grass.  The fencing we got was very tall and the stakes I had to hold it up were too short and the fence kept falling over.  So, why not stake it on both sides and create a tunnel for the chickens to follow?


It worked well and the Ladies have figured out how to use it very well.  They don’t seem to mind it at all.

It is a sight to see them wondering through the tunnel…

I’ve just finished the yummiest piece of cake.  Homemade black forest cake. Yummm.  My older brother came up last night to celebrate his birthday so I made him a black forest cake.  It amazes me how easy it is to make and yet it tastes so good!  Fortunately I don’ t celebrate a birthday everyday so when we do have cake it is a real treat.

To ware off the slice of cake we had last night after dinner we went for a walk today.  We went to a conservation area up towards Collingwood that we frequently drive past and every time we do we say – we should stop there to walk – and finally we did.  Now just as a side note, we had a thunderstorm early this morning with some very heavy downpours.   When we got into the bush there were about a dozen large trees tipped over, roots and all.  They all looked pretty fresh so we presumed that they had fallen over during one of the down pours.  Do you think they made a sound?  There was also a number of washed out sections of the trail and boy was it muddy!  Sheesh, I guess I should have had on my rubber boats.

I am also rearranging the Buttonhole Quilt Design site.  I don’t have a physical window display or store front to rearrange so I’ve got to do it on the website.  Don’t worry, it will *hopefully* be seamless.

And as an update on my foster kitty, Ella, she is getting very comfortable around the dogs and has recently realized that Magnums bed is very soft and warm too.  Especially warm when Mag is there to cuddle with 🙂

Magnum & Ella2

Happy Quilting.

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One Comment on “Always So Much Going On…”

  1. dilanim Says:

    seemed to be your Ella and mag are real good friends.
    I wish they would be friends forever.

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