Another New Machine

Well I do seem to have a bit of a collection going on.  I didn’t mean to get another sewing machine…actually two, but couldn’t help myself.  I seem to be especially prone to the older machines, the ones with very few gadgets and metal cases.

I was recently at a yard sale and came across two cases that couldn’t be anything but sewing machines.  What I found under the lid was two older sewing machines.  A Singer and a White.  And for some unknown reason, before I knew what was happening I had them both in my trunk…sheesh.

I gave them a quick try and the White seems to work pretty well considering how old it probably is…


The Singer ended up in my BF’s workshop as he has been after me to let him take apart one of my machines for awhile now.  The singer works ok, however it seems to be a little “stiff”.

Did you have any idea how simple the inside of a sewing machine was?  I figured it would be much more complicated.


He was looking to see what was inside to see if he could stretch it for me into a long arm quilting machine 🙂  I haven’t heard the final verdict on that yet.

Since we have been having such beautiful weather the last couple of days the flowers have been exploding in colour.  I just noticed that my mini iris’ are blooming…so pretty.  I actually have some full size irises too that need planting.  Oh, and the Forget-Me-Nots are blooming too…I just love these little flowers!


Purple Mini Iris and Forget-Me-Nots


Yellow Mini Iris


Now these pretty yellow flowers we have all over our yard, and what a hardy flower they are too 🙂  I’m not sure who decides what flowers are weeds and which our plants, but I do like the cheerful yellow dandelion.


Something I just realized the other day is that is has been more then two months since we set foot in a Wal-Mart store.  After reading the book The Wal-Mart Effect by Charles Fishman we made a conscience effort to avoid shopping at Wal-Mart.  There is a lot of people in the world that say they dislike Wal-Mart, but continue to shop there anyways.  If you are borderline about wether you should shop at Wal-Mart pick up this book at your library or bookstore and give it a read, it has some pretty interesting insite into one of the largest chain stores.

Well I have much more work to do.  I have a table runner, a quilt, some candles and even a batch of soap on the go today!

Happy Quilting.

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