May I have the Time Back Please…

Sheesh, has it really been almost 3 weeks since I updated you on my progress? Where did the time go? Can I have it back please?

Lets see here…what has been keeping me away from the computer…

Well, I’ve been working on the Summer Edition of the Just Around The Corner event I held in November.   I have the floor plan ready and most of the vendors arranged.  Although there is still room for more 🙂  I am thinking to have some quilters arranged around the building to add a bit of a feeling of home.  Instead of tearing my house apart this time I have rented the hall in Priceville for August 1, this will allow a few more vendors too.  If you are in the Grey/ Bruce area it would be great of you to stop by.  There is no admission fee and should be a nice collection of arts, crafts and goodies.

I have a number of pictures too, unfortunately they are on the camera phone so I will have to wait to get them for you.  I don’t know what your digital cameras are like, but mine eats batteries like you wouldn’t believe.  They are rechargeable thankfully so I pretty much always have to have a set in the charger.  Once day it would be nice to have a camera that actually works when I turn it on…what a concept  😉

I would have loved to get a picture of the chickens the other day – I think they must be the welcoming committee to the house.  We were away for a day the other weekend and when we arrived home we got out of the car and from the back came a couple of the chickens running up to the car.  It was the funniest thing to see them running up to the car.  They are pretty comical to watch running around anyway..they sort of waddle.

I’ve also been working hard to get some quilts completely finished for the Quilters In Bloom event I am attending July18.  It sounds like it will be a fantastic day.  There will be 8 gardens filled with a variety of quilted items, plus a marketplace filled with great products.  I will be displaying my quilts in one of the gardens, plus we will have a booth at the marketplace with our soaps and candles for Pioneer Spirit.  I’ve been spending a lot of my time creating the soaps and candles for Pioneer Spirit as well as taking them to the markets.  Currently I spend my Fridays at the market in Walkerton with the soaps and candles, and occasionally bring fabric too 🙂  There is also a few stores that will be caring our products! yahoo 🙂  Don’t worry I am still working on BQD patterns and getting them to stores near you!  I actually have a few patterns out being tested as well as some in progress in my studio.  One is going to be a lot of fun to make as there will be a lot of freedom with the sewing.

And this weekend…well this weekend I had a nice busy weekend of doing nothing!  Okay, well not totally nothing.  I spent the time sewing.  I am part of a block swap with the Canadian Quilters Group I belong to and spent the weekend sewing the cat blocks together.  It was a great weekend.  Who knew, sometimes its nice to have a weekend to do almost nothing 🙂

Once I get my pictures off the camera phone I will be sure to let you see them 🙂

Happy sewing!

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