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Speak of the Devil…or Quilts

July 27, 2009

I was just about to contact my mother to see if she could send me some of the pictures she took of the gardens at the Quilters In Bloom.  I opened up my e-mail and there they were a bunch of pictures.  I will post a few here for your to see.  The plan is to hold another tour in two years…so get ready for 2011.  I guess I should get quilting 🙂





Sheesh, I’ve done it again…

July 27, 2009

Boy oh boy, I’ve been very tardy with my blog updates, I think I need to start getting into the habit of doing daily enteries again…I was doing real good for a while there…back a few months ago. Maybe I’m just too busy, so busy I don’t even have time to type about it 🙂 heehee
Right now most of my focus is on Pioneer Spirit stuff. And the last month or so I’ve spent much of my time working on the Summer Just Around The Corner Event. It has come up fast – this weekend already! There are a few more things that still need to be done, but for the most part I am “ready”…I think.
Two weekends ago I took my quilts down to be apart of the quilters in bloom garden tour in Clinton. It turned out to be a pretty neat show. The weather was a little iffy for a while in the morning, but there was no major downpours throughout the day. I only made it to two of the gardens, but they ones are saw were fantastic. The quilts were great and the gardens were great. One day it would be nice to have a garden like the ones I saw. It seems like everyone grows these giant plants…many of mine are far from giant. Although I noticed the otherday that one of my hen and chick plants is flowering….how strange.  I will try and snap a picture of it if it ever stops raining.

I did pick up some new batteries for my camera recently as I think my rechargeables are done. Two minutes out of the charger and they need to go back in. I don’t know if it was the batteries or the camera that killed them. But now I will be able to take some pictures again. There has been a few times that I would have like to have a shot, but no luck. Actually, speaking of taking pictures I still have some on the camera phone that I really should get off one of these days. Problem is I don’t really know how to do it!

In the quilting department I finished up a nice green garden table runner, simple yet elegant.  I’ve also started putting together a list of classes for the fall so will post that once it is finalized.

Well thats enough words for now, later today I will try and get the pictures off the camera phone to liven up this place!

Happy Sewing