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Slight Glitch in the Reno’s

August 31, 2009

No wonder moving and renovating, even an online store, is stressful.  All went well, expect there is no pictures…oops…we are working on that and hopefully it won’t be long.  I have a couple new patterns that will be available soon, but they aren’t as nice if you can’t see the pictures 🙂

Happy Quilting!


The Renovations are Complete!

August 30, 2009

Well, thats it.  We put the finishing touches on the new website and released it to the world.  How exciting, yet scary, all at the same time.

The new site will, hopefully, be easier to navigate, plus have a fresh new look.

The web address and everything will remain the same, so no worries about changing your bookmarks.

I would love you hear what you think of the new site!

Happy sewing…

Learning New Things

August 27, 2009

Okay,  here goes another attempt at adding the free  funky Chicken quilt pattern to the site.  Theoretically, if you click on the Funky Chicken link in the previous sentence it should open a .pdf file you can print.


Who knew it would be so complicated 🙂  I’d like to add some other designs for you too, but need to figure out how to do one first.

I saw a funny quote the other day, the Superior Propane store in the area always has great sayings on their signs – I don’t know where they get them from, but some are very funny.  The most recent on I saw was “The less someone knows, the longer thier explaination.”  🙂

Enjoy your chicken pattern!

The End of the World as we Know it?

August 21, 2009

Wow,  what a storm.
The power went out here about 3pm yesterday as the thunder started rolling in.
The wind picked up, the lightening flashed and the thunder boomed.  My dogs were underfoot and the chickens were in the yard.
The storm raged and carried on for a couple hours then it was over.  Having only the portable phones plugged in no one was able to get through.
Found the stationary phone plugged it in…oh I have messages.  Thats when I found out a possible tornado had touched down just up the road in

Durham.  Sheesh.  No damage here, the storm was just a bad thunderstorm.  Makes your blood chill knowing it was so close and hearing the reports
on the radio.  Thankfully no TV here so we don’t have to see the devastation too.  Sort of odd how after the storm was over, the sun came out and blue sky were shinning.

They say severe thunderstorms are going to become more common, lightening strikes (of people) have apparently risen this year, they say its the

global warming…
Have you noticed that the thunderstorms as happening more often during the day now?  I remember the majority of them used to happen at night,

but over the past little while you see them during the day.

Kinda reminds you of the movies you see about the end of the world…

On a lighter note, I’m still trying to figure out how to add the Funky Chicken file here so you can actually access it…
I will keep you updated on the progress and hopefully it will happen soon 🙂

New Workshops Scheduled

August 15, 2009

Well as much as I don’t’ want to admit it, fall is coming.  But, with the coming of fall comes quilting season!

I’ve just released my newest course schedule for September to December.  So if you live in/ around the Flesherton/ Hanover area have a look.  You can look if you are in other areas too, but it might be a bit of a drive 🙂

The last couple of days I have been doing an experiment with my chickens – don’t worry its not really animal testing.  They have started to eat there own eggs, silly chickens, but I can’t get rid of them because of one little problem.  So, I’ve been doing a bunch of research on the topic and it seems as if there is other people that have had the same problem and tried to solve it.

Currently they have a “curtain” hanging in front of their nesting boxes (apparently they like it nice and dark, plus they say they won’t climb under to eat the eggs, just lay them).  There has still been one or two pecked eggs, plus I think I might need to add more bedding into the boxes as a couple of the eggs have been totally crushed…

I’ve also been gathering the eggs more often again.  I was getting lazy and only collecting them twice a day, so now everytime the dogs go out for a pee I go check for eggs.  And I read somewhere that chickens don’t like mustard (go figure) so if you take an empty egg and fill it with mustard after eating that a few times they will stop.

So, I guess now its just a waiting game to see.

Oh, speaking of chickens I’ve designed a Funky Chicken Applique block for you.  The funkiest chickens are the brightest ones.  The next block I might use a less busy background fabric…


Happy Quilting!

Another day…another 70 bars of soap?

August 10, 2009

Ahhh, finally 5 minutes to sit down and concentrate on my blog.  It seems when the work gets piled on its the fun things that get pushed aside 😦  Oh well, I am reasonably caught up, at least for the moment.  Things would get awful boring if I wasn’t running in 5 different directions all the time…maybe one of these days I will take the direction and go visit my parents, tsk, tsk, I’ve been a bad daughter.

Last weekend was the Just Around the Corner Event in Priceville.  An arts and crafts show and sale featuring all local crafters.  All but one was from the Grey/Bruce area.  There was 18 vendors total all with unique items.  It wasn’t one of those shows with wall to wall attendants, but it went pretty well for being the first show there.  Although in doing some brainstorming with some of the vendors the August long weekend possibly isn’t the best time to hold an indoor show.  I thought about holding it outside, but the weather is so unpredictable…and if it rains, then what?  A lot of the “seasoned” vendors were very supportive and want to be invited back next year…which means I have to do it again.  Although I decided that I will be getting help with it next year.  I must say, running two business, working part time out of the house and being the one doing all the work to organize and run an event takes a bit of time, and energy.  I must have slept for almost 2 days straight after the event was over 🙂  I guess I need to start working on next years event…I wonder what weekend it should be held? and where?

I’ve also been spending a lot of time working at Pioneer Spirit, my soap and candle business 🙂  Its amazing how much time and effort goes into making soap and candles.  Then once its made you have to let the soap dry for 6 weeks!  I have quilts that I’ve made in less time.  Its fun though, and the testing is a great perk.  I love having beeswax candles burnings.  Plus, did you know that it is possible to use soap and not be all dry and itchy afterward?  I always thought that was part of being clean…turns out its not 😉

I snapped this neat picture last time I was making soap, little beeswax flowers ( I think they look like flowers, atleast they did till they melted)


Don’t worry I’ve found time to squeeze in some quilting too.  Yesterday I was sewing together some blocks and cutting out socks…yep, socks…I’ll tell you why when I’m a little farther along in the project.
I’ve also been spending sometime converting my patterns into e-patterns for, a spin off from  What a great bunch of sites!

Oh, and I finally got new batteries for my camera.  I don’t know what the life span of rechargables is supposed to be, but for the price I paid for the last set it wasn’t near long enough.  But, I’ve got now ones so I can take pictures again!

One of the first things I took a picture of with my new batteries was my soggy chickens.  They got caught out in the rain yesterday (I told them to get inside, but they didn’t listen) and boy are they a sight when they are wet!  You think a soggy cat is comical! Unfortunately the picture isn’t the greatest, but I’m sure I will have the chance to get another…they really don’t seem too concerned about the rain – I guess thats when the juicy bugs come out…soggychicken

And of course since my camera is in working order again there is lots of pictures of Magnum and Ella.  I think they are just the cutest when they cuddle together.  Magnum is so careful when Ella is sleeping on the bed, don’t think I’ve seen him kick her once…ok, maybe that one time, but I’m pretty sure he was dreaming 🙂



Happy quilting!