The End of the World as we Know it?

Wow,  what a storm.
The power went out here about 3pm yesterday as the thunder started rolling in.
The wind picked up, the lightening flashed and the thunder boomed.  My dogs were underfoot and the chickens were in the yard.
The storm raged and carried on for a couple hours then it was over.  Having only the portable phones plugged in no one was able to get through.
Found the stationary phone plugged it in…oh I have messages.  Thats when I found out a possible tornado had touched down just up the road in

Durham.  Sheesh.  No damage here, the storm was just a bad thunderstorm.  Makes your blood chill knowing it was so close and hearing the reports
on the radio.  Thankfully no TV here so we don’t have to see the devastation too.  Sort of odd how after the storm was over, the sun came out and blue sky were shinning.

They say severe thunderstorms are going to become more common, lightening strikes (of people) have apparently risen this year, they say its the

global warming…
Have you noticed that the thunderstorms as happening more often during the day now?  I remember the majority of them used to happen at night,

but over the past little while you see them during the day.

Kinda reminds you of the movies you see about the end of the world…

On a lighter note, I’m still trying to figure out how to add the Funky Chicken file here so you can actually access it…
I will keep you updated on the progress and hopefully it will happen soon 🙂

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