Learning New Things

Okay,  here goes another attempt at adding the free  funky Chicken quilt pattern to the site.  Theoretically, if you click on the Funky Chicken link in the previous sentence it should open a .pdf file you can print.


Who knew it would be so complicated 🙂  I’d like to add some other designs for you too, but need to figure out how to do one first.

I saw a funny quote the other day, the Superior Propane store in the area always has great sayings on their signs – I don’t know where they get them from, but some are very funny.  The most recent on I saw was “The less someone knows, the longer thier explaination.”  🙂

Enjoy your chicken pattern!

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2 Comments on “Learning New Things”

  1. Gudrun Says:

    I like chickens, too bad I am not keen on applique 🙂
    But what fun it would be to thread paint and quilt it

  2. Heather Says:

    nice job on the chicken block. Thanks for sharing it.

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