Unlaborous Labor Day

What a great long weekend, even if I did work Saturday so it was a short long weekend.

They call it Labour Day, but I really did very little labouring.  Just the bare minimums.  I did some relaxing on the beach in the sun, enjoyed reading a book and did some sewing.

The book was the newest Janet Evanovich novel – Finger Lickin’ Fifteen.   What a great book, they always make me laugh.  Janet has a great sense of humour writing them.  If you are ever looking for an easy read and want a laugh I would definitely suggest one of the Stephanie Plum number books.

As for sewing I was working on some socks…no not darning socks, rather appliqueing socks…odd?  ya, slightly, but fun 🙂

Sock Blocks

Sock Blocks

Also got to watch Magnum play with a duck…actually I think the duck was playing with Magnum 🙂  Thats about as far as I’ve ever seen him go.

Playing with Ducks

Playing with Ducks

Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend too.

Happy Quilting!

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4 Comments on “Unlaborous Labor Day”

  1. Peggi Says:

    I had a very strange moment thinking of appliqueing all those odd socks we find (after the dryer has eaten one or two) on to quilt blocks. LOL

    Very pretty!

    • buttonholequiltdesign Says:

      Heehee, thats what I had in mind when I started stitching…stitching the missing left sock 🙂

      • Peggi Says:

        So – perhaps one red sock on a pinkish background? Because we know that the red socks always dye everything pink. 😉

  2. buttonholequiltdesign Says:

    Oh Peggi, thats fantastic!
    I will be sure I get one block like that!

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