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And Then There Was 7…

October 29, 2009

For the past 2 days I’ve kept the chickens inside…boy they sure aren’t happy with me. I keep telling them its for their own safety, but that doesn’t get me anywhere. Lady #8 got attacked by something earlier this week, without going into details we kind of suspect a large bird of some sort…our chicken graveyard is getting bigger 😦

On to a happier subject…quilting! That blog I was telling you about, well I found it (with some help, Thanks Peggy) Its a neat idea how she takes a picture of her cutting table on Wednesdays to post. Check it out:  Quilting in Cyberspace…I’m sure I would have a number of pictures where the stuff is piled 2 feet high.

Right now I am working on some veggie baskets for a group swap I am participating in…well coordinating actually. The baskets are so quick to put together, only 4 pieces and no seams to match! (oops, kinda sound like an info-mercial 🙂 I am going to try, again, to put a free pattern on here for you, a pattern of the veggie basket, or you could use fruit fabric and make it a fruit basket.


Another blog I thought worth mentioning was one related to a book I just read. The book was called ‘No Impact Man’ and was about a New Yorker who took it upon him self to live for a year without having any impact on the environment. Well he did have a small impact so he made sure to do some positive impact to counteract the negative impact. The blog is here:, although if you are on dial-up, like me, be prepared to wait awhile for it to load. The book was nice since it actually contained information and wasn’t just another book about someone writing about some “stunt” of going green for a year. The actual printing of the book was even thought out, a lot of the ‘save the planet’ books are printed on overbleached paper that was probably made from trees harvested from endangered forests (ok, maybe they aren’t that bad), but this book certainly takes the printing process into consideration. Although a very eco-friendly way to release it would have been electronically…oh well, can’t win them all I guess.

Alright here goes trying to post the information for the basket pattern.


Happy quilting!


A Day of Learning…

October 22, 2009

Well this is interesting…I’m typing, but I can’t actually see what I am typing. I presume it is a glitch in the blogging program as I can see everything else, just not the “body” of my message…I can still even see the squiggly red lines when I’ve made a spelling error…thankful for that 🙂

I guess I will see how good my touch typing is…please bare with me if somethings don’t make sense !

I spent the day in Walkerton today. There was a seminar there about how to market your business…or atleast different ideas

to choose from. It was neat to get some different perspective on how other businesses advertise so people can find them. A number of the ladies I met today (it was a ladies only seminar) had websites so I will add them to my Links page. You just never know when you might be looking for the widget that person makes 🙂

Well, we did it. Remeber that giant egg I was telling you about? We decided not to wait for Guiness World Records to come see it and just eat it… the drum roll as we get ready to crack it (it seems to look much smaller in giant ‘man hands’)…


…and tada!


What?! only 2 yolks. I thought for sure this had to be a 3 yolker…oh well, one day…I didn’t get to have any of it, but it apperently tasted like any other egg.  Don’t you just love my ’70s bowls?

I recently came across this great blog that I wanted to share with you, but do you think I can find it again? I was a quilter who once a week would take a picture so show what was on her work table…I need to go through the rest of my bookmarks to see if its there…

Happy Quilting!