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This week in Review

November 20, 2009

Last night was week 3 of the rag quilt class – what a fun class! and all the ladies are doing so well.  Two of them already finished their quilts and there is still one week left!  They still have to clip all the seams, but the sewing is done.  Sure makes me want to buy some more flannel and make another one for myself…they just go together so quickly.

What I have been working on is a new project – go figure 🙂  I’m making fish bowls!  I put out an APB to get some fish squares so I have quite the collection now.  So, I think that brings me to 4 projects on the go…

You know, one of the draw backs of driving is having to keep the car drivable.  Two weeks ago I had my snow tires put on, turns out I will need to get new summer tires next year, as one of mine has a warp in it, and of course you can’t buy just one, so at least two it is…then, shortly after having my snows on I notice the one is almost flat!  Turns out it had a siding screw in it…no idea where I picked that up.  Fortunately I took it to the shop and they patched it up.  Sheesh, hopefully that’s all the problems with it.

So I was sitting at my computer this morning getting ready to type up this note and I couldn’t figure out why Ella (the kitty) was so intent on being under my computer.  Well I moved the box that was sitting between my desk and the file cabinet and low and behold a small furry was in there.  I have no idea why there was a field mouse upstairs by my computer, but maybe he was trying to mate with my computer mouse…Of course in behind the filing cabinet he went…

And so did Ella!

I left them for awhile, not wanting to be there when she caught him…which she did…good kitty!

Well I can’t say mouse would be my first choice for a meal, but I do love Falafels.  Yum, the basics of them are ground up chickpeas with cumin.  Mix it all up and then either fry them or bake them.

Oh, remember that homemade pizza I told you about?  Well, while we were making the dough we put some aside and put it in the freezer.  The other day we took it out of the freezer, let it thaw, put it in the toaster oven and tada! we had bread.  It wasn’t a very big loaf, more of a tester, but boy was it good…

Happy Quilting!


A Summary

November 13, 2009

Was this past weekend the nicest weather or what?  We took the dogs to the bush for a walk…it was enough to have a light jacket on, no mittens or anything.  Plus since it has been cooler there was no bugs…just about perfect.

Remember I told you last week I was going to be teaching a quilting class?  Well all went well…there was 7 students, although one didn’t bring her fabric so there was only 6 cutting and sewing.  Once they got into the swing of things it was smooth sailing.

Some of the fabric they brought in was beautiful stuff…actually there was a sale on at Fabricland so a couple of the ladies brought in similar pieces 🙂

One thing I did learn after that class was how to clean and get fabric fibres out of your cutting mat.  Yep, out of it…I think one of the ladies must have been cutting with all her strength as there was fibres ground into the cutting line (her blade was a little dull to so that probably didn’t help).  Anyways to clean it up I first used an eraser…just a general arts and crafts eraser…that got rid
of some of the fibres..then I used some packing tape, made it into a roll and rolled it over the worst parts, picking up even more fibres…Then out came the bucket of warm water with a tiny squeeze of dish soap and a scrubby sponge…oh and some elbow grease…and tada…an almost back to original shape mat!  Now if only I could figure out how to get the warp out of my other
cutting mat (they are right, you shouldn’t leave them in the sun).

I also took some time to myself this weekend and did some sewing…
The fruit and veggie baskets I was telling you about are all done, I just love how quickly they go together.  Spoiler alert for anyone involved in the swap – I’m going to post some pictures of the blocks so if you don’t want to see them…close your eyes for a second  🙂

grapebaskets Grape Baskets

veggiebasket Veggie Baskets

I was also working on a couple of Puss in the Corner blocks…what a great block that is and its always nice when all your corners line up like magic!  Of course they were mailed away and I didn’t remember to take a picture first!  Sheesh…

Now if you are feeling adventurous and want to try some thread painting I was pointed towards this blog and she is doing some tutorials on Christmas themed thread painting…they look so pretty, I just might try some…one day!  Thread Painting I love the poinsettia…It would add some dimension if for the seeds in the center you added beads…

If you are looking for some more inspiration I have heard that some of the quilts here: Japan Show Are fantastic…unfortunately due to dial up restraints I haven’t seen many of them…

Well now that you are all quilted out its time for dinner!  Yum, homemade pizza… I had no idea that making pizza dough was so easy…now we just have to learn to capture the flavour of canned pizza sauce in a home made version…


Happy eating….errr, Quilting 🙂

WhooHoo another Thursday!

November 5, 2009

So, do you have this funny white stuff falling from the sky where you are?  Big huge fluffy flakes are floating slowely from the sky…the first snow is always sort of pretty…by the 400th snow fall its not as pretty anymore…


To top off the pretty factor when I stepped out to take this picture there was a deer running through our neighbours field!  My camera wouldn’t zoom far enough for anything to show except a brown sploch in the distance 🙂

The sock quilt top is finished…well mostly anyway, I haven’t decided if I will put a border around it or not…then I need to figure out how to quilt it!


I should get down to the sewing room to start packing…I am teaching a rag quilt class at the local high school and it starts today!  There is apperently 10 people signed up.  I do hope some of them have their own cutting mat and cutter…I only have 3!  I think I will bring the supplies to cut using templates just in case 🙂ragquilt

On the candle making side of the fence we just got a new-to-us wax melter…its huge!  Well, not huge, but still pretty big.  Its about 4′ tall and 2′ around.  Thats a lot of wax!IMG_2994

This past weekend we were doing our fall clean-up outside, we were spreading the last of the mulch we had and found this strange cluster of things…we originally thought they were a fungus, but on further investigation they are eggs…based on the two huge snake skins we also found we are thing they are a clutch of snake eggs!  How neat, helping to increase the snake population 🙂


I’m taking a road trip this weekend to Sauble Beach.  Don’t worry I don’t plan on going swimming 🙂  There is a craft show there that I will be taking some of my stuff too.  It looks like the Christmas Craft shows have started for another year!

Well I think thats about it for this week…stay warm…


…and happy quilting!