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So, I’ve been Sewing!

December 29, 2009

A flower basket block based on the same pattern as the veggie baskets I have shown you…One with sunflowers…

…and one with bright spring flowers…

I’ve also been sewing my blocks for the Birthday block swap.  We make a block for each person that is signed up to send during their birthday month…so, when your birthday comes along you get a mailbox full of blocks!

So far I have:

2 jewel stars

A black and white:

A mauve one (the recipient didn’t mention any other colour, just mauve – what colour is mauve anyway…)

And an autumn colours block:

Oh, and I can post of a picture of that quilt I was working on for a Christmas Present.  It was very well received by my brother.  It was a rag quilt that my mom and I made together, she cut, I sewed.

Close up of the bike block…

hmm…I think that is actually all that I have sewn 🙂

Happy Sewing!


Happy Christmas!

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Snowshoes, Sunshine and Coyotes

December 24, 2009

We recently purchased a few pairs of old wooden snowshoes, they are so much fun to use!  We usually do some cross-country skiing, but the one pair of boots got destroyed last time we used them so we are down to one pair.   The snow shoes are great though, we went for a hike through the pine forest we have behind us, there is no way would could have skied through there…well, maybe we could have, but it might not have been fun!

With all the snow we have had lately, it really makes you appreciate the days when the sun it out…I can count on one hand the number of times it has been a sunny day in the past two weeks, but atleast its more than none.

The coyotes were out singing in full force the other night.  We had gone out to give the dogs some time to play in the snow and to gather some wood at the back door – thats the only thing with a wood stove – moving wood!  Anyways, while we were out there the coyotes started  up their chorus, sounded like they were right across the road.  I’m pretty sure these are more of a wild coyote then the ones you hear about going into towns and running amok.

We have our own hunter in the house – Ella.  She has caught another mouse!  Good kitty.

I’ve finished sewing a Christmas present – and just in time too!  However I don’t want to post a picture in the off chance that that person reads my blog before receiving it 🙂

Happy Quilting.

Has it Really Stopped Snowing?

December 12, 2009

The sun is out, well its rising with no clouds.  So far.  There is no roads closed.  Strange after being in a snow storm for 4 days.  I forgot what the sun looked like 🙂  I’m pretty sure we got an entire seasons worth of snow in the last 4 days…

You would think if there was a blizzard raging outside it would mean lots of sewing time inside…thats what I thought too…unfortunatly things didn’t quite work out that way.  Instead I spent the last 4 days pouring candles, yep, a whole room full of beeswax candles – yum.  Most of them I had done are already spoken for, but I’d like to build up my stock too.

Unfortunately that meant no time for sewing…although I did go into the sewing room a few times (old rotary blades are great for cutting paper!)

I’ve also been doing some purging so have been posting lots of items to give away.  Have you ever been to Kijiji (  Its a great site where you can post things to give away, and find things too.  Although not too many people ventured out to pick up things the past couple of days…I wonder why :-}

What else…oh I know, back this past Monday we went to a meeting regarding so wind turbines that a company is interested in putting up near by.  Boy, was it a disappointing meeting.  There wasn’t an actual seminar/ talk or anything, basically it was a bunch of information boards posted in a room with a few circulating people you could ask questions to…the thing that really got me was when you asked the tough questions the answer you usually got was – I’m just a consultant, I don’t know – sheesh…if they don’t know so much why are they there?

Well, I would like to try to get some sewing in this weekend – I have a Christmas present I need to sew – so I best be off the computer!

Happy quilting.