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Pretty Things in the Sewing Room

March 28, 2010

Remember I told you about that birthday block swap I was involved in?  Where each participant makes a block for each of the other people involved?  Well I finished my last two blocks.  It is a block I had seen in an older issue of Quilters World (August 2009), its such a neat block, and not too complicated to make! Swirling star in a star, in two colours.

I also finally made the last three months of the block of the month barn block.  January was the pattern for the barn and February and March are the small (4 1/2″ square block) design on the top.  They are supposed to resemble the barns that have blocks painted on them.  The majority of these that I have heard about are in the US, I’m not sure if there is any in Canada or not.  They are pretty neat though, I can think of a few barns around my place the could use some prettying up.

Happy Quilting!


Pinwheel Block of the Month

March 18, 2010

I forget if I told you that I am doing a pinwheel block of the month.  Each month the organizer chooses a pinwheel block from quilters cache.  I am using up some of the pinks I was given.  So far we have 3 done.

January was Ribbon Pinwheel:

February was Mrs Morgans Choice (most participants wondered what Mrs. Morgan was thinking when she chose this one 🙂

March was Spinning Four Patch:

Happy Quilting!


March 17, 2010

So, I thought about not mentioning the lack of posts over the last month (sheesh, its actually been almost 2!), in the hopes it would get overlooked, but I didn’t think you were fooled that easily 🙂  Twenty lashes for me with a wet noodle for leaving you all hanging in cyber-land.

I have been quilting, honestly.

One of the things that has kept me away is a seminar I was working on.  I was invited to the Lindsay Quilters Guild to give a seminar on creating paper pieced patterns from a photograph.  This is such a fun topic, as I do love paper piecing!  I was working to great a pattern of the Town Hall in Lindsay, what a nice building…so, how do you think it turned out?

This is the photo I started with:

After creating and sewing the design, I took 3 days to head over that way and give the seminar.  I have relatives about 1/2 way between so I did some visiting along the way.

I’ve also been working on updating the website.  I’ve added a section where you can actually download patterns if you prefer that over paper patterns, plus I’ve added an area where I can have patterns from other quilt designers for sale…have a look

Oh, and look what I whipped up over the weekend 😉

Okay, I didn’t really, the blocks are from a swap I was part of which included fruit & veggie and flower baskets.  I had the blocks all sewn and sewed the rows and the rest together on the weekend.

What would you put in your baskets?

Ella (the kitty) is always very helpful in the sewing room, she is very opinionated 🙂  She took claim over my pile of ribbons when we were doing some cleaning this weekend…

I think the chickens must have been suffering from a bit of cabin fever.  When I opened the door to the coop they almost knocked me down to get outside.  Guess they don’t mind the little bit of snow that is left!

Happy Sewing!