Things I would like to do more of

Oh, hello…its been a while, I know.  If you could see me you would see my hanging my head in embarrassment for how impossibly long it has been. But really, March 2010?  How come it feels like just a month or two?  Where does all that time go?  Sheesh.

Well, my New Years resolution this year was to start back at my blogging!  Fortunately I don’t believe in New Years resolutions as it apparently took my a month to actually do it.  Although I didn’t actually specify a time period, just said I should.  So here I am.  One thing I would like to do more of is blogging.  Maybe I can set a schedule of one specific day a week writing a post.  I’m not sure I am up for daily, but weekly I can surely do.  Plus I have a zoomy new desk to sit at…I think the all the stuff on it must have come with the desk as it appeared shortly after the desk was put there.

Now you would think that since we got high speed internet I would have been all over blogging, its really amazing how quickly you can add photos to a post.  However, I ended up looking at a lot of blogs instead of adding to my own!  I found this really neat one just by using the next blog button that is on the blogspot blogs.  There are some great pictures on here from France and a very cute pup too!  Just love the architecture of the buildings there.

Since blogging last year my Boxer pup (yes, still a pup at 11  years old) was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy.  If you want to read more about the condition Wikipedia has a decent write up.  The basics of it however is that the transmission of the message from the brain to the muscles are lost, he feels his toes and even reflexivly kicks when you tickle his toes, but he can’t tell his legs to work properly.  It is believed to be a condition similar to Multiple Sclerosis in people.  But he is still happy to kick his ball around and get belly rubs.  There are many resources and tools available for aging animals that my have trouble getting around.  Mid summer of last year I purchased a cart (a doggy wheelchair) for him to help him get around.  Since the snow has come its been a lot harder to get him moving around – plus since he has such short hair he really detests the cold and snow.  But the lucky boy gets to go for acupuncture treatments once a month!

My handsome Boy:

I’ve also been very busy this year working on, or in, the business we run.  I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it in any previous posts, but we make beeswax candles and natural body care products (soap, lip balm, etc.) and this past year things have been booming.  It keeps me busy getting products made and the orders ready.  If you want to see some of the products we make feel free to visit our website: Pioneer we sell to retail outlets mostly in Ontario.

And what you have really been waiting for – the quilting!  I don’t feel as if I have done near enough quilting.  Its one of those things that just seems to make everything better when you are doing it.  You don’t think about the dishes piling up on the counter or the garbage that needs to be taken out.  All there is is fabric, in some cases more fabric than others 🙂  Although I am making a real effort to use up some of the fabric I have here before buying more.  Unless of course I need a large piece of it or if its a really great sale 🙂  So, lets see what I’ve been working on…

Well, there was the tumbling blocks quilt made with the Marci Baker technique:

And the sunflower wallhanging from a pattern in Quilt World (a combination of paper piecing and applique):

Then there was the really brightly coloured pinwheel quilt, which was a pattern in another magazine I have, but I can’t remember which one…

Oh, and there was the Stack n’ Whack one I made while trying out that technique.  Its actually made from fabric my aunt gave me that were her curtains at one point!

And the braided table runner I made just in time for Halloween 🙂

I was also following a long with a pinwheel block of the month last year, so I have a number of blocks now that I need to decide on a layout and then actually get them sewn together.  I did them all in a pink, green, brown theme:

This was July’s block.  I believe I showed a few of these at the beginning of last year.  It was a lot of fun to do, encouraged me to go and sew atleast one little thing a month.

Oh yeah, and in case I didn’t have enough things to keep me out of trouble I took up crocheting at Christmas time.

I made an apple from the Planet June website:

Of course we had the vegetable garden, which we didn’t get planted until late in the season, as we needed a sturdy fence first, but it still thrived.

Soon I will be able to start some of my seedlings indoors, I can’t wait to play in the dirt again, I have had just about enough of this white stuff.  Don’t get me wrong I love the changing seasons and I even like the first couple of snow falls, but I do love spring too.  If it was still light outside I would take a picture of the snow that has piled up against our wood pile.  Nothing like having to bend down to pick wood up off the top of the 4 foot tall pile…

And, unfortunately since I wasn’t blogging last year, you missed our foxes growing up!  Ok, they weren’t our foxes necessarily, but they lived in a hole in our front yard for the summer.   That was pretty neat.   and there is even still one (or maybe more) living there, we have seen them a couple times now and the foot prints in the front yard.

This was when they were wee little things still.

Ok, well, I think that just about sums up the last year 🙂  and I have voiced it out loud – well typed it out loud anyways – that I will post more frequently, there have been numerous times I have thought, hey that would be great to post, and just don’t do it.  But thats one more thing I would like to do more of (that and exercise, eat healthier, quilt more…)


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  1. Peggi Says:

    Welcome back to blogland 😉

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