Maybe I Should Make it Thursday.

Well the title pretty much sums it up.  Maybe instead of posting on Tuesdays I should post on Thursdays as that seems to be happening.

Well I’m hoping you had the same beautiful weather we have had the last couple of days and that you had a chance to get out and enjoy it.  I’ve just checked the local weather and it looks like the snow will be returning.  The 5 day forecast is showing snow everyday!

Hmm, so this past week, lets see…

On Monday I went to sewing meeting, brought in a box of misc fabric pieces, magazines and such that I just didn’t have use for anymore, and came home with more than half of it going to other homes. Yahoo!  I also so a new way to do the quilt as you go joining of the blocks together, so I think I might try it on the weekend.  I will let you know how it goes.  I have all those blocks from last years pinwheel block of the month that I would really like to get together as a quilt and think this might be the way to go.  I made doubles of most of the months so I have a fair amount of blocks and even have a fair amount of the one pick left to possibly use for the sashing.

Oh, and speaking of quilting, I spent Family Day (Monday of this week) in my sewing room making a dog house 🙂  Yep, a dog house.  It was a pattern/kit that I received from my secret santa at Christmas time, it comes with directions and paper board that is precut and instead of sewing you glue it.  When you take the roof off it opens up and you can put your pins in there with your little scissors and things.  And I just happen to have the perfect little dog button to put on it.

At sewing meeting we are doing a mystery tin, where each month we swap tins (I think there is about 15 of us participating) and make a block with the fabric and specifications of the owner of the tin.  We aren’t allowed to see our tin until the end of the year.  I put a black and white print into my tin asking for blocks that were black and white with a hint of red.  The tin I have this month has this gorgeous blue floral print with silver highlights in it.  I will have to search my stash to see what I can find to go with this one.

In the “soap factory” I made Chamomile soap, boy did it make the house smell yummy…hmmm, maybe that is why I feel so relaxed tonight 🙂  I forgot to take a picture of it before putting it into the curing cabinet, its a very pretty soap with the ground chamomile flowers in it.  I love the smell of the chamomile and the taste of the tea.  We have a very tiny patch of while chamomile in the yard and I just love walking through it to release the scent! Yummm

Speaking of yumminess, I made waffles for dinner tonight.  I was alone for dinner so was able to make whatever I wanted.  Somepeople think its weird that I like to eat pancakes and waffles for dinner, but I don’t.  Heck, I will eat oatmeal for dinner if the mood strikes!  Anyways I tried out this recipe that I had found somewhere, can’t remember where now I’ve had it so long, I modified it slightly and they turned out so good.  So good in fact I think I will get the recipe and share it with you.

Best Waffle Recipe.

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup white flour
1 tbsp baking pwd
3 tbsp white sugar
4 eggs
1 1/4 cup milk
1/8 – 1/4cup vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla

Mix the dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately then combine.  Cook up in your waffle iron as directed.

I can’t say how healthy they are for you, but they sure tasted good!

Well I think thats about it, I will try and take more pictures this next week for you to see!  I’m off to add wood to the woodstove!


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