Priority Sequence

So, I’m curious.  If you call a company and go through an automated ‘press this number to go here, press that number to go there’ then end up on hold because all agents are currently busy, how can they say your call will be answered in priority sequence.  They don’t know why you are calling, you haven’t had a chance to talk to anyone about it so how do they know your reason is less important than the caller ahead of you…strange.  If I had actually gotten through to an agent, before loosing my patience and hanging up I might have asked.  Thought for the day 🙂

We watched a cute movie the other day, Despicable Me.  Its an animated film so they can do some pretty silly things.  It was nice though, one of those ones were there isn’t a lot of killing an gore, and it had a nice story line too.  There were some pretty funny parts too!   If you get the chance I would recommend seeing it.

As promised I tried out the quilt-as-you-go method I mentioned previously.  I will call it quilt-as-you-go as I don’t know if it has another name for this process or not.  I used the pinwheel block of the month blocks I made last year.  Its not totally done, but I will show you what I have done so far.

So, I quilted all the blocks making the backing about 1″ larger than the batting that block.

Once I had that done and I had them placed into a pleasing order I started sewing.  Placing backs together and lining up the edge so that your batting and block start in the same place, stitch.  You will end up with the two backing pieces sticking up between the two fronts…basically the seam allowance is on the front.

Once you have that you need to press/fold the pieces over.  One to each side, I folded the fabric in half once and then in half again so you end up with about a 1/4″ of the backing folded to create a sashing.  I found it easiest to press the pieces to the side they would be folded then fold them over one at a time and pin.

I tried stitching the blocks together with the fabric pre-folded in half, but it didn’t help.   Once you have the two sides folded and pinned how you want them you top stitch close to the edge of the sashing you created.

The back looks nice and tidy too.

I also went along and did a zig-zag over the seam where the two blocks joined for added stability.

I have the blocks sewn into rows and now need to sew the rows together.  I’m thinking you can probably use the same technique as with joining the blocks, but I’m up for experimenting so think I might try doing it slightly different…

That will have to wait until next week though!

This week in candle and lip balm making land we got the final labels for the lip balm tubes that will be available soon.  I just love the look of them, and the fact that the tubes are made from recycled plastic is just great!

Happy Quilting!


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One Comment on “Priority Sequence”

  1. Peggi Says:

    Cool! That’s the first explanation of “quilt as you go” that I really understood!

    As for “Despicable Me” – a friend made me my own Minion button – love those Minions! LOL

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