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How do you do it?

September 28, 2011

Question of the day, or of the summer…

How do you regularly post on your blog?  I have all these great ideas, all these projects I want to show you all and all these great tutorials I want to write up (I know how nice it is to stumble upon a good tutorial) and yet nothing.  No posts, no tutorials, heck in most cases I don’t have pictures of the techniques to post.  So, I”m wondering, how do you do it?  How do you schedule yourself to make sure you do it?

I like this blog: Quilting in Cyberspace and love how she has set up a day a week to post whats going on.   And I tried that, but then I missed one week, and the next week and well, now its been a few months. Funny my exercise routine is kind of like that too…Its not like I don’t have some things going on that I could post about, currently I have 2 full size quilts on the go and 2 table runners, plus I was playing around with the double diamond quilting ruler by Bright Quilting Notions, so I really can’t use the excuse of not having anything to show you.

Maybe I need a blog buddy, like an exercise buddy, someone to make sure you do what you need to do even if you don’t really feel like doing it…come to think of it I could probably use an exercise buddy too…

Well, 1 quilt I have finished over the summer is the maple leaf quilt I had posted about before, the one where we swapped the blocks:

We are also doing a mystery tin challenge at the sewing club I belong to.  Each person has a tin or box that they have put some fabric in with any instructions of fabric to use/not use and each month we swab boxes and make a block using those fabrics.  The box I got for September has these 3 fantastic fabrics in them which I created into this block:

Well, I’m now feeling all inspired to go quilt and create.  Maybe I will being my camera along to take some pictures of the progress.

So long for now and hopefully we will talk soon 🙂