Bruce Trail Hike

A photographic tour of our hike along the Bruce Trail from Barrow Bay to Lion’s Head and back again.  20km over two days.

The Route

The start of the hike at Lion’s Head Provincial Nature Reserve.

The Trail Begins Here

The Forest on the West side of the Trail

Our first view of the bay.

A tree whose roots are lifting to expose the rock below

A rocky Forest floor

Lots of opportunity to see Georgian Bay

Looks like Poison Ivy

Gun Point

Oh look, water

Looks like McKays Harbour and camp down there

At Camp.  10km under the belt

The view from our camp site.  The shine is the sun on the water.

When you emerge from the trees you are at the beach.

Remember the photo from on top of the hill where we saw camp?  There is the hill over there…

Well that’s rustic

Hmmm…thats the trail to the toilet?

yep, its a wooden box in the woods

Day 2.  Neat rocks through here

The giant rock we had to walk under

Getting tired of seeing water yet?

Don’t look down

Look at that cliff

Looking right from the outcrop

Up a rocky hill.  It looked more impressive in person

Mostly cliff with a smidgen of water

Same cliff, further along the trail.  I think this was the cliff that someone was climbing up.  We stopped to have lunch and this was the view.

There you go looking down the cliff again

…and again

Looking left along the cliff

Looking right…

Still looking to the right, but down a little more

Starting to head inland, away from the cliff

This was a cave in the rock, it is a 10,000 year old pothole…guess thats a car eating pot hole

Another pothole, seen from the top.  Not near as big as the last one.

Heading through the forest now, the terrain sure is different here

We followed a side trail that was just recently opened.  You really need to watch for the blazes on a trail like this one!

It looks like a chocolate chip cookie, but somehow I don’t think it will taste like one…

Nope, no fairies

The last place we stopped for a snack.

Another 2 km and we were back at the car and on our way back to civilization.


One Comment on “Bruce Trail Hike”

  1. Mel Says:

    Looks like fun, although that toilet is really roughing it. No walls?
    Reminds me a bit of our hike on the Milford Track in NZ.

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