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Scarecrows, eggs and the other thing

September 24, 2009

This past weekend was the 4th annual scarecrow festival in Clinton, On.  What a neat event. There are 4 different areas in the town where there is activities and such.  Of course the best part is the scarecrow contest…there was some pretty neat ones made…one even had a fish bowl head!  My overall favorite was the sunflower one…I think it won one of the prizes, but don’t remember what.sunflowerAs for the egg, while I went to gather eggs the other day and there was an egg in there that took up almost half the box! Ok, it wasn’t really that big, but it was pretty huge.  I took a bunch of pictures, maybe its the largest egg laid in Canada…I think the Guiness record was about 200g, mine (my chickens) was only 122g… bet that hurt :-}

egg2Yep, 3″ long


It doesn’t even fit in the egg carton 🙂


There has also been some fabric playing going on.  I was part of a swap, were we each made the same cat pattern block, sent them to our hostess and received one from each of the other members back.  I don’t know what I will do with them, but they are too cute! kitty kitty…


I’ve also been working on my sock blocks. I have 19 of them finished with one in the works.  Thats all the blocks and all the socks I have so it might be time to sew them together.

socksmoreHappy Quilting!


What a Weekend!

April 28, 2009

What a busy, but reasonably enjoyable weekend! I actually took Monday off to make it a long weekend (shhh, don’t tell my boss 🙂 It was just too beautiful of weather to spend it indoors sewing, so I weeded the garden instead. I can’t believe how nice it is to see the daffodils blooming and seeing all the little sprouts popping up.


On Sunday my mom and I took the trip down to Toronto to the Creativ Festival. We had been down to the fall one and were just thrilled with the variety of arts and crafts and products. The spring one however was quite disappointing 😦  There did seem to be a lot of booths for beaders and scrapbookers.  However the quilting and yarns had less booths than the fall.  It seemed reasonably small too.  Oh well, it was a nice outing.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing cleanup and garage saleing!

Happy Quilting.

Embroidering up a storm

March 6, 2009

Well, I have been so busy learning the tricks of my “new” embroidery machine that the only fabric I have looked at is what is inside the hoop 🙂
Although I do have many ideas that incorporate my quilting with the embroidery…I am currently working to put together a family tree that involves quilting the background and embroidering on top.


I was also testing out some software that helps convert photos into embroidered projects.  I tested it out with a picture of one of my friends horses…


This is the “real” Cairo


Happy Sewing 🙂

3 Days of Travelling!

October 24, 2008

Wow, what a busy couple of days this past weekend was!  But it was so much fun.  My mom and I took a road trip – ok two road trips to two different places.

We made a trip down to Toronto – right underneath the CN tower to be exact.

There was even a giant woodpecker there, I guess they grow larger in the city 🙂  Ok, its a fake one, but a neat one.

The reason we were underneath the CN Tower is because the Creativfestival was being held at the International Center.  What an amazing show that is!  We were there for 6 hours and we barely made it through all the booths.  And that was even skipping over booths with scrapbooking and only looking at the quilting and yarn booths!  It was a lot of fun, and I got too meet a lot of people too.  I even, although I tried so hard not too, came home with a few new fabrics…

I don’t have any pictures of inside the show as cameras were not allowed in there…However if you would like more information about the show thier website is:

The other place we travelled to was to Ailsa Craig.  Cotton-by-Post quilt shop has a wonderful exhibit about the quilts of East Africa.  The show was just amazing! The stores website is and they have some information about the African exhibit as well as pictures from the exhibit they held last year about Quilts from Russia.

My mom and I attended an African Beading workshop being held in conjunction with the quilt show.  It was fabulous!  The technique that the teacher, Charu, showed us was very unique and a little challenging at first, but very enjoyable.  My mom and I even picked up all the required supplies so we could keep practicing – I am hoping to have some time this weekend to do some more of it – I hope I remember how!

Charu was very generous and allowed me to take some photos of the samples she brough to show us and post them here for your to see.  She had three different samples that she had done as well as a booklet with photos of the African Tribe where the pieces are still worn today.  She learned how to do the beading in February and she says it only takes her about a day to do some of these pieces!  Amazing.

Individual picture of the green piece

Photo of the blue and yellow piece with shells attached

This is one for a baby

Here is mom working on her beading project.

I will keep you updated on the progress of my own project and post pictures for you to see.

Did any of you make it to the show?

A Trip To The City

June 16, 2008

What an enjoyable way to spend a warm June day. On Friday I took a day trip to Kitchener/Waterloo
with two destinations in mind. One was The Grand National Quilt Show, being held at the Kitchener
Waterloo Art Gallery and the other was to my favourite fabric shop to load up on the fabric I needed for
my next three projects.

The theme for The Grand National this year was Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. There was some really
interesting takes on the theme and some of the stories to go with the quilts were amazing. There was
about 30 quilts on display, a large number of them relating to family and the passage of time. One of my favourite quilts on display was one with daisies and rain drops.  The picture isn’t the best, the quilt looked much nicer in person.

Water By Catherina Breedyk Law of Perth Ontario

After wandering through the gallery it was off to the fabric store, one of my favourite places on earth!

Who wouldn’t be happy surrounded by bolts and bolts of fabric. I must have spent about 2 hours
wondering up and down the aisle looking for the perfect fabrics. It was difficult searching for 3 different
projects at one time, but the trip to the city are few and far between so you must make the best of them.
Here is a look at the small amount I picked up:

Cotton Spice Blog Entry

April 23, 2008

Under the direction of Cotton Spice a number of designers have gathered together to produce blocks to help raise awareness about breast cancer. The block I designed was posted today – Block 3. Have a look and if you wish to participate please do.

Cotton Spice Blog

The Family Tree

April 15, 2008

I was recently contacted by a lady that does family research and family trees.

She asked if I had ever considered creating a family tree quilt. Ironically, just the day before I had come across the new Benartex Family Tree online.

Unable to find the fabric locally I loaded up the car and headed down to the Lens Mill Store in Cambridge. I have a feeling Lens Mill is an Ontario only thing. If you have been to a Lens Mill none of them compare to the one it Cambridge. The store is in an old warehouse and the entire basement is packed with fabric of all kinds. The cotton aisle is very impressive, you need to see it to appreciated it. Visit the website for more information about it.
So, I made it to the Lens and I was barely in the door before the cashier came onto the laud speaker that they would be closing in 10 minutes. I must say that is the quickest shopping trip I had ever done. One of the employees helped us find the Family Tree fabric, and I must say it is much more beautiful in person than it is online.

I was able to contact the lady back ( and let her know I found the fabric. She said that was wonderful as she had already been telling her clients about quilted family trees!

The Family Tree