Teeswater Quilt Show

I recently attended the pre- IPM quilt show in Teeswater.  This is where they display the winning quilts that will be going on to the International Plowing Match being held this September.  It was pretty neat and there was some really amazing quilts there.  I have compiled a few pictures of some of my favourites for you to see.  I hope you enjoy the “show”.

The page may take a couple seconds to download as there are quite a few pictures.

New Millenium Quilters Guild

Hanover, Ontario

“Flutter By Butterflies”


Williscroft Women’s Institute
Bouquet Flowers


Ooops I forgot to get a picture of the label for this one.

I am pretty sure it was made by Kathy Boycott,

but I don’t remember the name of it!  How cute though!


This was a neat one, the straw underneath was 3-D

Fran Farrell
Working Girls


Mary Boyle
Times and Seasons


Cheryll Tucker
Spring Awakening

This wall hanging was really intriguing, and while I was taking a photo of it the lady that created it was near by and she came over and started telling me about how she created it!  It was really neat.  She says it started from a picture that she had and it “grew” from there.  There was hand dyed fabric, thread and even some dryer lint!  The picture above is Cheryl (the creator) with her quilt.


Betty Millen
Floating Leaves


Betty Miller
Lighthouses of Canada

-This was one of my favourites-


This one with the morning glories on a lattice had a small hummingbird embroidered on it.

Sheila Francis
Morning Glory


Mary Gunson
Northern Lights

– I love the colours in this one, so bright!-


Sharon Collins
Snow in the Valley

– Can you see the trees?-


Kathryn Jarabek
Woodland Spirits

– I have seen this pattern before and think it is just phenomenal-


Oh yeah, did I mention that I submitted “The Magnum. a portrait of a Boxer” in the original design category?

It was pretty neat seeing him hanging here along side some of the ones pictures above!


You know the only thing I found slightly disappointing at this show was the lack of stories with the quilts.  At any guild show I have attending they always have a little story about the quilt, why it was made, the inspiration and such.  Granted a lot of the stories are a little sad, but it makes you feel a little closer to the designer.


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